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The founder / Secretary Dr.D.N Gautam is keenly interested in social, educational sedvice to the society in state, national cadre and charecter.the other member of the society also have dynamic sprit and are making untiring efforts under the guidance of the chairman, Secratary, vice chairman towards achieving the task.


Diploma In Physiotherapy

It has been observed for a long time that there has been an acute shortage of qualified professionals in the field of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy also known as “physical Therapy” is recognized by the “world health Oraganization” and being practiced at medicine which is used to correct the disease and condition of many muscular condition skeletal, neurological disorders and nature of persons permanently disabled by accidents or various crippling diseases. Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine and third phase of medical care. It can be defined as “a science which deals with the agents and other modalities” such as heat Therapy, Hydrotherapy Shortwave Therapy, Electrical Stimulators, Electrical rays and Ultraviolet units, Traction etc. On the basis of knowledge of Human anatomy and physiotherapy. It is estimated that about 2.5 million of the population are neurologically and physically disabled or handicapped in the state of U.P but the number of qualified physiotherapy are few. This is indicative of the acute need of the qualified physiotherapists and wide prospects of the profession and its related courses. Physiotherapy is very much an essential component of the health care delivery system. It will be a great injustice if the challenges and difficulties faced by the physiotherapists remain undressed. There is definitely a over load of work on the physiotherapists. Both the central and state Government need to review their existing policies and programmes in this regard or develop if not available to suit the conducive situation and a good working atmosphere.




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01-Jan-2011 R.R.Para Medical College celebrates New Year College launch has its official website.
R.R Para Medical College is engaged in Providing Diploma in Physiotherapy, Which is recognised by U.P Goverment and Affailited to U.P.

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